It's time to stand with teachers and fight back against the attacks on public education.

Lawmakers in Raleigh have made it clear: they want to dismantle public education in North Carolina. Over the last few years, we've seen round after round of attacks on public education, such as:

  • Cutting over 8,000 teacher and teacher assistant positions across the state in 2013. (NC Dept. of Public Instruction, 5/20/13)
  • Eliminating the nationally recognized teaching fellows program, which was a model for teacher recruitment. (News and Observer, 7/31/12)
  • No raises for teachers in the 2013 budget, leaving NC 46th in average teacher pay. (News and Observer, 3/6/13)
  • 8400 fewer students receiving need based financial aid due to cuts for the University system (Budget and Tax Center, 9/1/2013)

All of these policies have led to an education exodus, where North Carolina's best and brightest teachers are fleeing the state for better pay and more respect in other states. Teachers like Justin Ashley, a former NC Teacher of the Year, who can make over $5,000 more just across state lines in South Carolina.

It's time to end the teacher exodus and hold lawmakers accountable. Sign the petition today to stand with teachers against the attacks on public education!